Friday, July 31, 2009

Got a time for the Procedure and an outing gone bad!

So they finally called and confirmed 6am registration and 8am she will be in the OR. *Breathe* Im so nervous. I dont know what Im more nervous about. The procedure or the findings. Anyway Lexi has had some good non-screaming days lately (since they switched the formula) so we ventured out to eat with some family. BAD BAD BAD idea. Lexi wanted a bottle so I fed her and halfway through she spits it out gagging and coughing. The screams until she coughs so hard she pukes the whole thing up. Fun! NOT! After she threw up though she was atleast calm if I held her. We walked through the mall because Kaitlynn (my 4 yr old) wanted to but it was just so hard we ended up leaving. Story of our lives. I just keep telling myself this will pass. And besides Id rather have her here and be screaming and needy then not at all/ I can get through this...I can get through this.....I can (I hope).

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