Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Answers Finally.

We woke up @ 4am yesterday and starting getting ready. We were on the road by 15 til 5. Lexi slept the entire driv which was awesome since even if she woke up I couldnt feed her. Once we got there we headed to the Day Surgery Registration and registered Lexi. We only waited about 10 minutes before they took us to pre-op. Once we got back there her 2 anestesiologist (sp) came back and talked to us, then her Otolarynologist and the other ENT's. Then @ 7:15 am (earlier than expected) they took her back. I bawled like a baby. It was so scary to see my baby be taken back and I couldnt go with her. They told us she could be back there for about an hour. The nurse came and got us 20 minutes later and declared her procedure done! Once we got back into recovery they told us everything looked great ie: no lesions,clefts,or cysts!!! BUT........ she has SEVERE SEVERE reflux. One of the worst cases Dr.R had seen. He said the awful raspy gasping sound is because her vocal chords are extremely swollen and irritated and that her throat and esophogaus is irritated as well. The gagging, choking and coughing is very common in reflux that is this severe. We knew that Lexi had reflux but it was NEVER thought to be the cause if all this. Now that we know exactly how bad it is we can treat it better and get on top of this. The best part is....we know this noise is NOT serious, is NOT permanant and WILL get better as her reflux is controlled!!! Thank God!!! And thank you all for your prayers.
I plan to keep blogging on here to track Lexis prgress with her awful reflux. She will go to her regular Ped. and also GI. So I will keep everyone updated on her reflux condition as we try to gain control!

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