Monday, August 10, 2009


So since they FINALLY figured out it is just SEVERE reflux they have decided to send Lexi to another Ped GI this time in Morgantown WV not the quack we went to @ UPMC Childrens in Pittsburgh. Anyhoo I was super excited about it hoping we could get her on a good treatment plan. Well they send your appoinment time/info through the mail so I got that Saturday morning and the appointment is on NOVEMBER 11th!!!! Nov frickin 11th are you kidding me she will be almost 7 months old....what the hell is the point!! For the love of god they want the poor baby to suffer that long!?! I swear I know GI's are hard to get into but lord 3 months from now!? Anyway Im calling and throwing a big stink fit today to see if I can get it moved up. Iswear it seems like you cant get anything done unless you make yourself look like an idiot by throwing a big ole fit!! Wish me luck I will let you all know how it goes!

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  1. So did you throw your fit?! I would have too. Hopefully you got a date that is sooner. Let us know! :-) Still watching out and keeping you in prayers.